Experience pure exhilaration with the all-new Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. As Hyundai N's first performance EV, this high-performance, battery-electric vehicle redefines electric driving.

With 478 kW dual-motor AWD power, racetrack capability and a more involved driving experience, the IONIQ 5 N delivers an electrifying experience that will leave you breathless. Get ready to elevate your driving to new heights.

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Performance-enhancing design elements

IONIQ 5 N’s exterior adds many performance-enhancing design elements, such as contrasting black trim parts and a wing-type rear spoiler, which emphasise the sporty aspects of the standard model and maximise its circuit driving potential.


21-inch forged aluminium wheels

Forged 21-inch aluminum wheels are wrapped in high-grip 275/35 R21 Pirelli P-Zero tyres for improved ride and handling and better grip in track performance.


21-inch forged aluminium wheels

At the front, there is functional mesh along with air curtain and air flaps for extra cooling. A lip spoiler runs across the lower part of the bumper to emphasise its performance intent. The EV N-exclusive ‘Luminous Orange’ at the bottom of the black front bumper cover continues along the side skirts, giving the IONIQ 5 N a racetrack-ready look.


Newly designed rear-end

At the rear, the prominent, N-only wing-type spoiler, along with orange-accented rear diffuser and air outlet, help control airflow to support optimal aerodynamic performance, further highlighting IONIQ 5 N’s high-performance capability and adding to its aggressive styling. Integrated in the spoiler is a triangular N-only high-mounted brake light. Below the rear hatch is an N-exclusive black bumper cover with checker flag reflector graphics.


Performance inspired interior

IONIQ 5 N’s interior conveys the N family look with the application of N-branded elements, including the steering wheel, seats, door scuff panels and metal pedals and is optimised for track driving.

Corner rascal.

IONIQ 5 N with rally-inspired handling supports corner rascal capabilities. Beginning with structural enhancements and reinforcements right down to World Rally Championship-inspired drive axles. IONIQ 5 N is built for speed while instilling greater confidence in drivers.



N Pedal

N Pedal was developed as a solution to address the inherent weight and size of EVs while aiming to acheive WRC cornering qualities. N Pedal prioritises fast and exhilarating cornering by utilising decelerative force and aggressive weight transfer resulting in sharper corner entry.


N Drift Optimiser

N Drift Optimiser helps to maintain the drift angle by balancing multiple vehicle controls responding to real-time inputs. The integrated torque kick function simulates a clutch kick resulting in an immediate drift initiation.


N Torque Distribution

N Torque Distribution provides fully variable front and rear torque distribution that can be adjusted to 11 levels. The e-LSD (electronic Limited Slip Differential) at the rear axle optimises cornering performance and control.

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Racetrack capability.

Experience race track capability like no other with IONIQ 5 N. This high-performance electric vehicle is purpose-built to excel on the racetrack. With dual electric motors that spin up to 21,000 RPM providing 478 kW with N Grin Boost engaged, it'll have you grinning from beginning to end.


Battery and thermal management

IONIQ 5 N sets a new benchmark for thermal management in severe racetrack conditions. Compared to its competitors, IONIQ 5 N boasts a higher resistance to heat induced power degradation — loss of maximum power due to overheating. This is achieved through the enhanced battery thermal management system, with increased cooling area, better motor oil cooler and battery chiller.


N-Race and N-Tuned brakes

With N-Race, drivers are given the strategic choice to prioritize ‘Endurance’ or ‘Sprint'. ‘Endurance’ maximizes range on the racetrack while 'Sprint' prioritises power. IONIQ 5 N boasts Hyundai's most powerful braking system ever, utilising 400mm (F) & 360mm (R) discs in combination with N Brake Regen. The seamless blending between the N Brake Regen and hydraulic brakes creates a smooth transition that is imperceptible to the driver. Moreover, left foot braking allows the brake and accelerator pedal to work at the same time when driving on the track.

Everyday sports car.

As an everyday sportscar, IONIQ 5 N delivers an engaging shift feeling and emotional driving through the integrated N e-shift and N Active Sound. Together, they enhance the fun and joy of driving by simulating the jolt feel and sound of an ICE vehicle.


N e-shift and N Active Sound

For a more involved driving experience, IONIQ 5 N offers two new driving functionalities; N e-shift and N Active Sound. N e-shift simulates the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission of internal combustion engine N cars. It simulates a gearshift by controlling motor torque output and simulates the jolt feeling between shifts. N Active sound enhances the driving experience of IONIQ 5 N by creating a more engaging and exciting sensory experience for the driver.


Everyday convenience features

While IONIQ 5 N is purely a performance car at heart, everyday convenience features are still available. For everyday use, it offers a C-type USB connection, wireless charger and cupholders. V2L compatibility is still available so you can recharge bigger devices on the go.

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IONIQ 5 N Specifications



Front 166 kW
Rear 282 kW
Total ouput 448 kW
Boost output 478 kW


Capacity 84 kWh


Charge speed 350 kW
Charge time 10% to 80% in 25 minutes


Length 4,715 mm
Width 1,940 mm
Height 1,585 mm
Wheelbase 3,000 mm

Wheels and tyres

Wheels 21" forged aluminium
Tyres Pirelli P-Zero 275/35R21

Braking system

Front 4 piston 400mm
Rear 1 piston 360mm


Regenerative braking deceleration 0.6G (0.2G during ABS activation)
0 - 100 km/h 3.4 sec. (Boost)

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*Energy consumption figures are based on WLTP tests and factory information. These figures are provided to assist you in comparing the energy consumption of the IONIQ 5 N range with other vehicles. The actual energy consumption will depend on many factors, including your driving habits, the prevailing conditions and your vehicle’s equipment, condition and use.


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*Overseas model shown throughout. New Zealand specifications may vary.